Where do I get help?

The CMS Made Simple community is always at your service if you need some help with your site. Here is where you find more information and support:

  • The CMSMS Documentation Website -- Start here, the documentation is maintained by the CMSMS Dev-team
  • The CMSMS Forums -- here you can search for answers to your questions or ask just about anything.
  • IRC -- IRC is short for Internet Relay Chat and is like a community chat. Many developers hang out here and others that are ready to discuss and give support.

Please remember that people involved in developing and supporting CMSMS have day jobs and other duties and might not be available 24/7. Be patient and polite and you will get better answers.

Hope you will enjoy using CMS Made Simple for creating your web sites! If you want to contribute to the development yourself, you are very welcome to do so. You can contact us on IRC or hit the forums to get involved.

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